Welcome to Papa Nerd!

Who the heck is Papa Nerd?  Me, that’s who.  I kid, I kid.  I’m a guy who is a stay-at-home dad, aside from working part-time at night (papa).  I’m also a life-long fan of comics, movies, video games, and, sometimes, pro-wrestling (nerd).  See what I did there?  I’m a papa and a nerd.  Hence, Papa Nerd!  God, I’m so damn clever.

Anyway,  I realize there is no shortage of snarky nerd blogs on teh interwebz.  But, what about a blog for the growing population of stay-at-home dads?  There are plenty for moms.  But we guys get no love.  That’s what I have set out to do. Give the guys some love.

Wait.  That’s not right.

I’m going to post snarky nerd news, reviews, opinions, and the like, but through the eyes of a dad.  Sometimes, for the sheer hell of it, I’ll post something random.  Like this:

Darth Vader. Riding a cat. Word.

 But, again, I’m a dad, so I’ll be talking about my experiences with my two-year-old son. For example, I think he is some kind of evil super genius.  He acts completely different from other kids his age.  He looks at them as though they rode the short bus to the playground.  He already knows how to get girls to chase him around, the little stud.

That's right. I'm a pimp.

Sayonara, for now.  I’ll be back…


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