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It seems there is no shortage of nerdy pop-culture stuff happening out there.  Each week, I’ll round up some highlights of the things showing up on the nerd radar.

Patty Jenkins Out as Director of Thor 2

Patty Jenkins

It was pretty much official that Patty Jenkins, best known for the Oscar-winner, Monster, and AMC’s The Killing, would be directing Thor 2.  She even had meetings with the cast and Kenneth Branagh about it.  The key word there is “was.”

According to Deadline:

Director Patty Jenkins is leaving Thor 2.  I’m told that Marvel Studios is already talking to agencies as it canvasses for a new director, something that is expected to happen quickly. Her exit had to do with creative differences, but the feeling is that she’ll probably end up working on one of these superhero films, but perhaps not on a sequel.

That sucks.  I was looking forward to seeing her take on the Thor universe.  She has a track record of getting amazing performances from her actors, but could she do big budget action?  We may soon see, but not with Thor 2.

Source: Deadline

Marvel’s Next Big Event Pits Heroes vs. Heroes, Lack of Originality Ensues.

In the Marvel Comics world, the giant Civil War event was a short six years ago.  It put heroes versus heroes, fighting over a superhero registration act, which required the heroes to reveal their identities and work for the government.  Iron Man led the pro-act side, while Captain America led the fight against the act.  Eventually, things were settled, and Marvel went back to business as usual.

From USA Today:

Kicking off in a special “zero issue” prologue in March written by [Brian Michael] Bendis and [Jason] Aaron, Avengers vs. X-Men begins the next month with an extinction-level event barreling its way toward Earth, namely the cosmic entity of death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force. It’s looking for a new host who will possess all of its power, which may or may not be the mutant teenager Hope Summers.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto and the other X-Men want to protect her and prepare her if she’s to be the new Phoenix. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and their fellow Avengers want her handed over to them so they can figure out what to do with her and keep the world safe from a potentially fiery fate.

Suffice it to say, tensions — and fisticuffs — arise.

Really, Marvel?  Really?  Can’t you do a story without all of the heroes fighting each other?  Stan Lee would be rolling in his grave if he knew…  he’s still alive?  Damn.

Anyway, DC is miles ahead of you guys in terms of quality storytelling, and this is the best you can do?  Bring back the Phoenix and make everyone fight over how to control it?  C’mon.  You can do better.

Below is the official teaser image and description:

Avengers vs. X-Men

The Avengers and X-Men have learned that the all-powerful embodiment of both death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force is on a crash course for Earth…and it needs a new host to unleash its immeasurable power. But what is the shocking decision tied to the Phoenix’s return that will pit the Avengers against the X-Men? And when good friends become bitter enemies, what does this mean for the future of the Marvel Universe?

Sources: USA Today,

DC Comics Moving Ahead With Watchmen Prequels

Why?  Wasn’t the original Watchmen good enough?  Sure, the end was stupid, with the giant squid and all, but the rest of the series was amazing.  Why does the world need prequels?  Because Warner Brothers wants more cash, that’s why.  Anyway,  DC is planning to produce four series of prequel books.  Some of the names attached include Dave Gibbons (original Watchmen artist), Darwyn Cooke, Andy Kubert, J. Michael Straczynski, John Higgins, and J.G. Jones.

According to Bleeding Cool, Jones has been tapped to draw the first mini-series, involving the Comedian, with Cooke writing:

We’ve heard JG Jones linked to Watchmen prequel rumours before.

We’ve had reports of Darwyn Cooke writing a prequel mini-series starring The Comedian.

And now I’ve come across a rather reliable source that says JG Jones is drawing The Comedian.

So… do we have a Darwyn Cooke/JG Jones Comedian mini-series for next year?

It appears we may.

This is a good sign that the Watchmen are in good hands, but I still think it is a bad idea.  And so does this guy:

Alan Moore

Alan Moore, curmudgeon and all around badass. And the writer of Watchmen.

Source: Bleeding Cool


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