Computer Viruses Suck. A Lot.

No, really.  They DO suck a lot.

Earlier this week, mine got infected by a nasty little bugger, called “Win 7 Security 2012,” which masquerades as a legit security program from Microsoft.

Now, I’m no idiot.  I’m not as computer savvy as I used to be, but I know better than to click on a popup ad that tells you that your computer is unsafe.  These things have been around for years, and they’re pretty easy to spot.  The problem with this particular bug is that you don’t have to click on anything.  If a website has been hacked and the malicious code has been inserted into the site, when you visit, it can install itself on your computer without your knowledge.

I think this is what happened to my computer.  I didn’t click on the ad, just on the close button on the window, and voila! My PC was infected.  It started telling me that my anti-virus software was malware, then it proceeded to disable my McAfee anti-virus (I have since removed McAfee, since it became apparent that it was pointless and didn’t do its job) and firewalls.

My wife and I do a lot on our computer, and we can’t afford to have it compromised, and I couldn’t fix this, so I paid to have the virus removed.  The PC is running like a charm now, with no signs of the virus.

Thank Jeebus!

As a side note, don’t worry about my site being infected.  I’ve been checking on it, and neither Google or Bing detect any malware on the site.


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