Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Are Here!

Remember when Legos used to just come as a bunch of overpriced bricks in a box and you could build what you wanted?  Without directions?

I know, I’m old.  They haven’t been packaged like that in a long time.

Anyway, last summer, Lego announced that they will be making sets based on DC and Marvel Super Heroes.  I have to say that the only time in my life I have been excited about Legos was when Mom would buy some for my brother and me, when we were, like, 8 and 5, respectively.  You know, when they were just overpriced little bricks in a box.  We were… well, poor, so we didn’t get Legos very often.  Hell, most of my He-Man figures were second-hand.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not bitching.  I was very happy with my stuff, but Mom and Dad couldn’t afford to buy us a lot of toys.

So when Lego made their announcement about the Super Heroes sets (and Lord of the Rings sets, honestly), I became excited.  As a Superman junkie, I would finally be able to get my hands on some Lego Superman goodness.  And Lego Avengers.  So, a few weeks ago, my family and I were strolling through our local Target, looking for some Hot Wheels for my son, when I happened to see this on a shelf:

Lego Superman

I grabbed one and took it to my wife.  She rolled her eyes and let me get it anyway.  You know, for my son.  Yeah… that’s the ticket.

Actually, she understands and embraces my overall nerdiness, and she was happy I was able to find it, since it appears this is the only Superman set that will be made.  Damn Batman.  Always hogging the spotlight.

I didn’t think it would be fun to put this together.  I mean, there’s no imagination to it.  But, it was fun.  I don’t know why, but I felt like a five-year-old again.  The finished product is very nice.

Lego Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor

Lego Superman set

Lego Superman set

Yeah, I’m a nerd.  I know.  Would it surprise you if I said I’m trying to talk my wife into getting the following set for my birthday?

Lego Two-Face Chase set


2 Responses to “Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Are Here!”

  1. “Damn Batman. Always hogging the spotlight” — so true! I hear what you are saying about partners rolling their eyes 😛 …unfortunately I don’t have a child to excuse my lego buying behaviour though !

    • No matter how much we make them roll their eyes at us, they still love us. My son is also a good excuse for me to snatch up any kind of Superman item I can find, as well.

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