About Papa Nerd

I’m a semi-normal dude with a borderline unhealthy obsession with comics, movies, video games, etc. I don’t do the uber-nerdy stuff like role playing games (live action or video games) or cosplay. I’m an artist, and I do primarily (surprise!) comic work. I’ve been writing and drawing an original graphic novel since, well, the beginning of time, it seems. I’m a VERY happily married man, and I have the greatest son ever conceived on the face of the earth.

Me and my son:

Me and my son

My intention here is not to just rehash news or other info from other sites, but, instead, try to present that info through the eyes of a dad, meaning if something isn’t appropriate for my son, or other small children, I’ll say so.  If you have anything you want me to mention or a topic to write about, let me know in the comments or e-mail me at papanerd01@gmail.com.


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