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David Morrissey Cast as The Governor in The Walking Dead

Posted in Comics, TV with tags , , , on 02/26/2012 by Papa Nerd

British actor David Morrissey (The Other Boleyn Girl, Dr. Who) will be The Governor in Season 3 of The Walking Dead, premiering later this year.  The Governor is a major antagonist in the comics.

From the ever-reliable Wikipedia:

His real name is Philip Blake (although, with the release of the novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor (TWDRotG), in the past, it was previously ‘Brian Blake’). When the dead began to rise, Philip gathered together a large number of survivors, numbering almost 40, and established a semi-secure settlement in Woodbury (TWDRotG provides background to this, by already having a community of survivors in Woodbury, with a leader and a small group of ruthless National Guardsmen), clearing and guarding almost four city blocks, upon which he declared himself “Governor” (as “President” would be going too far). Initially appearing a fair and strong leader, Philip was truly a monster; he only helped people to benefit himself, as long as they follow his every command. Philip had a daughter (TWDRotG names her Penny) who became a zombie; he kept her tied up in his apartment, feeding her severed body parts of those who displeased him. When Rick and several survivors found Woodbury, Philip initially acts hospitable, though later turns on them and imprisons them. Attempting to find the location of the prison, Philip proceeded to mentally torture Glenn, cut off Rick’s hand, and have Michonne restrained, stripped and repeatedly raped. When the survivors escape, Michonne stays behind and, after knocking out Philip, strips and restrains him, and proceeds to torture and dismember him brutally, removing an arm, ear, eye, and penis, before escaping. Philip survived, however, and eventually, after the prison was found, he led an army to the prison, looking to take it over, telling his “soldiers” the people in the prison are monsters and killers deserving death. Only after the assault makes the prison uninhabitable and leads to the deaths of most of the survivors, do the remnants of his army turn on him and kill him, before they themselves are overwhelmed and killed by the undead.

What a bastard.

It looks like the show’s story may pick up some steam going into season three.  We’ll see how much it sticks to the source material, since the show has deviated from it quite a bit.

Sources: Comic Book Movie, Wikipedia


This Week in Nerd News

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Or… how about the Last Few Weeks in Nerd News?  I know, I know, I’m a lazy a-hole.  Without further ado…

Avengers Super Bowl Teaser Released

In short, AWESOME!  In this 17 second clip, we get to see a bit of Hulk in action and some of the alien ships attacking New York.  I seriously can’t wait for this movie.  Most times, the thought of leaving my son with someone else so my wife and I can go see a movie makes me a little sad, but, for the Avengers… he’s just gonna have to deal with a sitter for a few hours.  Anyway, here’s the teaser, after the jump.

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Two New Previews for Kevin Smith’s New Reality Show Online

Posted in Comics, TV with tags , , , , , , , on 01/08/2012 by Papa Nerd

I love Kevin Smith.  In a totally hetero way.  Sure, he may not make the best movies, but that is beside the point.  He made Clerks, goddammit.  That more than makes up for Jersey Girl.

Anyway, Smith has a new reality show, premiering on AMC  February 12th, right after the return of The Walking Dead.  Kev must have made a deal with the devil to get that time slot.  Or, he sucked a huge… nevermind.  Gotta keep it clean here.

Instead of this show being a show focusing on his life (which would be awesome, I must say), it will be based in his comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, in Red Bank, New Jersey.  It will be a look at what goes on in your favorite comic book store, behind the scenes, and the people who work at said stores.

It was originally titled Secret Stash, but it has since been renamed Comic Book Men.


If the shop looks familiar to you, that’s because it was featured in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  Don’t believe me?  Go watch it.  The part where Jay and Silent Bob are talking to Brodie about the movie rights to Bluntman and Chronic being sold, and Jay and Silent Bob find out they are entitled to a “mother f*****g movie check.”

I’m such a Kevin Smith nerd.  Hell, I even own a copy of Cop Out.  Autographed, no less.

Actually, don’t go watch Jay and Silent Bob yet.  I’ll be a nice nerd and do the work for you:

Now you can go watch the movie.

Until next time..


Source: NerdBastards

Nerd News Roundup

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I am one lazy bastard.

There.  I said it.  It has been a while since I have rounded up the nerd news, so I’m a little behind.  Here goes…

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Thanksgiving Post of Randomness

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Hello, there, blogosphere.  I hope all is well.  As I am taking a week off from work, I will also be taking some time off from writing.  It’s been a slow nerd news week anyway.  Here are some highlights in case you missed them, right after the jump.

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Kamala Has Foot Amputated, Makes Me a Sad Nerd

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If you are a wrestling fan, then you have probably seen the documentary Card Subject to Change on Netflix Instant.  As an old school fan, I was especially touched by the segment featuring James Harris, aka Kamala, the Ugandan Giant.  He talks about being 62 years old and still wrestling on indy shows while driving a truck full time.  He seems to be a man who is extremely grateful, and a genuinely nice man.

I grew up in Dallas in the eighties, and my family watched the weekly wrestling show, World Class Championship Wrestling.  Kamala was a fixture there for some time, feuding with pretty much everyone.  He had a great gimmick of some kind of primitive wild man, who could only be controlled by his masked handler, Kimchee, or General Skandor Akbar.  Here is a clip of him in action:

He was a favorite of mine when I was little.  I used to make my mom laugh because I would see Kamala and run around the house slapping my belly.  Even today, my son enjoys watching me do the Kamala.

Anyway, about a week or so ago, Kamala had to have his foot amputated due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes, which is unfortunately common for a man of his age, size, and ethnicity.

From all the things I have read, Kamala is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, and I wish him the best.

I’m off to slap my belly.

This Week in Nerd News

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It seems there is no shortage of nerdy pop-culture stuff happening out there.  Each week, I’ll round up some highlights of the things showing up on the nerd radar.

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