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A Lesson Learned

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I blame Tim Burton and his damn Batman movie.

It’s all his fault.  It’s because of him that I picked up a pencil and taught myself to draw.  I used to draw these crude pictures of Michael Keaton’s Batman.  They were pretty horrible, but to a nine-year-old kid, they were freaking awesome.  There was no depiction of any discernible action.  It was just Batman, standing there, with his head either turned to the side, or looking straight ahead.  No background, nothing else.  Just Batman.

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Yet Another Review of The Dark Knight Rises

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I know, I’m a little behind.

Actually, a LOT behind.  I had a goal of posting a new blog every day.  That all flew out the window when I had to start working until 2:30 or 3:00 in the A.M. for your friendly neighborhood T.G.I. Cheddarbee’s, then getting up at 5:30 or 6 A.M. with my evil genius son.  Needless to say, I am tired virtually all of the time.  No energy to sit at a computer and write.  No energy to do much of anything except try to nap and make sure my son doesn’t rip his diaper off and pee on the floor.

He has done it, by the way.

But, last Saturday, I was able to drag my ass to my local IMAX and check out The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy.

Hit the jump to read my spoiler-filled review.  If you haven’t seen it and don’t want any info, read something else.  Or, do me a favor and click on an ad and line my wallet.

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Finally! The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits the Web!

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After months of anticipation, the first official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the final Batman film from Christopher Nolan, has been released.

And nerds everywhere are screaming like little Bieber fans.

I won’t insult your intelligence by saying or implying you’re here for any other reason than to watch the trailer, so check it out after the jump!

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This Nerd’s Life

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Only a short time ago, nerds weren’t cool.  We weren’t fashionable.  We were to be ridiculed and tormented for our love of comics, and those newfangled Nintendo games.  We were thrown into trash cans, given swirlies, and (for the skinnier nerds) stuffed into lockers.

These days, nerdy things are all the rage.  Hollywood can’t make enough super hero movies, and video game development is a billion dollar industry.  There are even websites devoted to selling nerdy items only (and some are awesome.  Especially  Nerddom is all the rage, these days.

Except here in the Midwest, specifically Missouri, where I live.

People here seem to be about 10-15 years behind on things.  I’m shocked we have cell phone service and internet.

I love wearing super hero shirts.  I love dressing my son in super hero clothing.  It is especially cool when he sees a Superman shirt he’s going to wear, and he grins and says, “Superman!”  Unfortunately, people around here don’t get it.  I don’t get openly made fun of anymore, but I still get the looks.  You know the looks I’m talking about.  The ones that say, “You’re a grown man, and you’re still into that stuff?  There’s something wrong with you.”

I like to try to give them a look that says, “There’s nothing wrong with me.  I’m not an ignorant Missouri hillbilly.  You’re a Republican, aren’t you?”

I’m lucky I can even find said shirts.  Most stores around here, including Target and JCPenney, sell some kind of nerdy shirts.  There’s a problem, though.  They only sell them in athletic cut (tight fitting), and sizes up to XL.  Pardon me if I’m wrong, but aren’t a lot of nerds a bit… overweight?  I know I am.  And yet, the fat guys who are nerds can’t buy the shirts because no one sells them in our sizes, or in a classic fit that isn’t, you know, skin tight.  Because fat guys and tight clothes don’t go together.

Old Navy sells them.  But I refuse to pay over $20 for a t-shirt.  And so does Hot Topic.  But I refuse to shop at Hot Topic.  I’m not an emo wannabe poser.

There are places where a nerd can get his or her fix.  There are a couple of Vintage Stock stores around.  They sell video games from Atari to PS3, cd’s, records, old toys, sports memorabilia, etc.  There are some comic book shops (one is owned and operated by an exact clone of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons), but that’s it.  Most nerds have to hide out in their moms’ basements in order to avoid ridicule.

Some things never change.

I love being considered a nerd.  I love it when people see my Superman wallet and shake their heads.  I think they’re just jealous.  They can’t express themselves.  I like being able to literally wear my interests on my sleeves.  I like not caring what they think.  I like being able to tell my brother (who used to be embarrassed by my nerdiness) it is he who is behind on the times.  When her refers to his locker at the fire station where he works as his Batcave, I like to remind him that he used to poke fun at me for using the same kind of references.

I like the fact my son is embracing all things nerd.  He watched Spider-Man with me a couple of days ago, and he loved it.  Nevermind he calls Spider-Man Superman whenever he sees him.  He still loves it.  And Batman.  He loves some Batman.

Lastly, I’m lucky I found a wife who gets me, understands and embraces my near-unhealthy obsession with movies, comics and video games.  In this place, that’s rare.  I wasn’t willing to give that stuff up just to find a woman, and she never tried to change me.

I don’t care that I live in a part of the world doesn’t embrace my nerdiness.  The people who matter most do accept me.

R.I.P. Jerry Robinson

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Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson, 1922-2011

The comics world has lost a legend.

Jerry Robinson, creator of the Joker, passed away on December 7th.  He was 89.  He began working on Batman at age 17, when he was still a journalism student.  Robinson continued working for DC as a creative consultant, and was an inductee into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2004.

In addition to being credited as the Joker’s creator, Robinson was also instrumental in the creation of Robin, Two-Face, and Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler.  He was also a tireless advocate for creators’ rights.

These are some statements about Robinson released by DC (from NerdBastards):

“Jerry Robinson illustrated some of the defining images of pop culture’s greatest icons. As an artist myself, it’s impossible not to feel humbled by his body of work. Everyone who loves comics owes Jerry a debt of gratitude for the rich legacy that he leaves behind.”—Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and artist of BATMAN: HUSH

“Jerry Robinson was one of the greats. He continued to be a vibrant, creative force well into his nineties, with ideas and thoughts that continue to inspire. Jerry was a great advocate for creators. It was my pleasure to meet and work with him. He will be missed.”—Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment

“It’s impossible to work at DC Entertainment­ without feeling the impact of Jerry Robinson’s contributions to the industry. His influence continues to resonate today.”—Bob Harras, DC Entertainment Editor-in-Chief

“Jerry Robinson was an innovator, a pioneer in storytelling. His artwork was always astonishing, but his contributions to the Dark Knight mythology go far beyond art. The streets of Gotham City are a little lonelier today…Jerry will truly be missed.”—Mike Marts, BATMAN editor”

Thank you, Mr. Robinson, for all of your contributions to comics, the Batman mythos, and all of nerddom.  You will be missed.

Source: NerdBastards

Thanksgiving Post of Randomness

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Hello, there, blogosphere.  I hope all is well.  As I am taking a week off from work, I will also be taking some time off from writing.  It’s been a slow nerd news week anyway.  Here are some highlights in case you missed them, right after the jump.

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A Nerd’s Review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Thus Far

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So, I just finished watching Captain America: The First Avenger.  I know, I’m a little behind on the times.  The movie has only been out on DVD for, I don’t know, a couple of weeks now.  Throw me a bone, here.  When you’ve got an extremely active toddler running around, you don’t exactly have a lot of movie watchin’ time.

Anyway, with The Avengers being released in May (and since my memory absolutely blows), I think it is time to take a look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) leading up to The Avengers.

The first in this series of posts will be my review and thoughts on the first MCU flick, Iron Man, starring Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges.

I’ll just come out and say it.  This is the best of the MCU movies, so far.  Everything was right.  Jon Favreau and company couldn’t have cast a more perfect Tony Stark.  Robert Downey, Jr. IS Tony Stark.  He’s suave, has a silver tongue, and he can throw the one-liners around with the greatest of ease.  His chemistry with Paltrow, who plays his assistant Pepper Potts, and Terrence Howard, who plays Jim Rhodes, is outstanding.

But, you can’t have good hero without a good villain, and Jeff Bridges, as Obadiah Stane, is a very good villain.  He seems so kind and caring toward Tony Stark, all the while selling him out and trying to make more money for himself by selling weapons to terrorists under the table.  He’s not a sympathetic bad guy at all.  He’s just plain bad.  Bridges also has great chemistry with Downey.

Now to the nerdy stuff: the little things your average movie goer wouldn’t catch.

How cool was it to see a half finished Captain America shield on Stark’s work bench?  Also, Jon Favreau included himself in the movie as Happy Hogan, Stark’s former boxer bodyguard and chauffeur.   Awesome.  The only little reference I wasn’t a fan of was the reference to the Ten Rings, having them portrayed as a terrorist organization, rather than the ten rings of power worn by the classic Iron Man villain, the Mandarin.

God, I am a nerd.  And not just any nerd, one of those (nerd voice) “It is different from the source material.  I do not approve!” nerds.

Anyway, good acting, direction, and a good story make this the best Marvel Studios production thus far.

If only DC would get off their lazy asses and make good movies about heroes not named Batman.

The truth.

Join me next time as I review, rant and rave on The Incredible Hulk.

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